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first published March 2018.  updated October 2020.

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SilencedOrganic.com is a resource of detailed documents, released through the Freedom of Information Act, along with a Ton of other, supporting information.  It proves deep corruption in U.S. government agencies etc., silencing the Organic tobacco movement. Tens of thousands of lives, per year, hang in the balance.

If 1,000 lives saved per year can justify Fire Safe Cigarettes, then Organic tobacco, surely needs to be the law, as it would prevent 38,000 new cases of lung cancer, per year, in the U.S. alone!  Definitely a step in the right direction.

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2020 Update:
I bought a second Geiger counter, in order to measure background radiation and tobacco sample radiation simultaneously.  My initial measurements are confirmed.  Marlboro Red, Camel Filters and Newport Menthol are significantly more radioactive than the Turquoise and Gold American Spirit Organic varieties.  If you’re going to smoke, get one of those two selections.  The rest of American Spirit offerings are non-Organic, and are just as radioactive as most cigarettes.
Correction/Clarification:  There is a radioactive fertilizer that is considered Organic:  Rock Phosphate.  However, I don’t think it is used much in Organic tobacco crops because of the extremely low availability of the Phosphorus, at 3%.  Also, there are other Organic, non-radioactive fertilizers, such as cow manure, which are easier to get and use.  When it comes to non-Organic tobacco farming (the vast majority of cigarettes on the planet), there is Triple Super Phosphate fertilizer.  90% of the Phosphorus in it is water soluble and available, so I imagine it being used heavily.  And it is highly radioactive.  The Geiger counters surely don’t lie!

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Notice:  The math for my conclusions is in here.


An update with better measurements:

I made more recent measurements (done in 2020) and much more reliable measurements (many more Geiger counter readings over much larger periods of time).  These newer measurements indicate that non-Organic tobacco is about 3.8 times more radioactive than American Spirit Organic.  This translates into a lung cancer risk reduction of about 25% percent, compared to non-Organic tobacco.  It is very important to remember that American Spirit’s non-Organic tobacco does not have this reduction in risk – it is just as likely to cause lung cancer as Marlboro Red, Camel Filters, etc.  The math framework to arrive at this is the same as the one found in the National Cancer Institute section, above.  The old measurements arrive at 20% less likelihood of lung cancer, if smoking Organic.  The new measurements, with the same methods, arrive at 25% less likelihood of developing lung cancer, if smoking American Spirit Organic, compared with smoking non-Organic.

These government agencies are complicit with Big Tobacco – they warn no one about the scientific realities presented here.

FDA Haz Mat Suit
Click here or on the image above for many more awesome political cartoons on this general topic.

In this video, Bill Drake, the Visionary whose work has led to American Spirit Organic, expertly explains the dangers of pesticides, sheet tobacco, preservatives and additives in Non USDA Organic Tobacco (virtually every cigarette on the planet is not Organic).  Only a handful of pesticides are approved for use in Organic tobacco agriculture.  He also talks about the global crime syndicate gangs of Big Tobacco.

The New England Journal of Medicine
Check out this New England Journal of Medicine article on the Billions in holdings, which U.S. etc. health and life insurance companies, have invested in the cigarette industry.  Now where do you think that money goes?  And do you think they want Organic tobacco to exist?  Big tobacco would have to admit they’re wrong, selling non-Organic tobacco. The way they manage their public image would Fail if they investigated Organic tobacco — They’d be admitting that their entire line of cigarettes is worse!  Ignorance is strength — George Orwell’s legacy lives on.  Reynolds American bought American Spirit (including AS USDA Organic offerings) in 2002.  I bet they just want to marginalize Organic tobacco and keep it quiet, while not totally obliterating the AS brand, because of the public outrage, and exposure, which Reynolds American would suffer if they discontinued the only Organic, pre-rolled tobacco brand, which exists on this planet, to the best of my knowledge.  It’s sad that American Spirit sold out like this, they must have been aware of the consequences.

Here’s a key quote from the article:  “Although investing in tobacco while selling life or health insurance may seem self-defeating, insurance firms have figured out ways to profit from both. Insurers exclude smokers from coverage or, more commonly, charge them higher premiums. Insurers profit — and smokers lose — twice over.”

Big Insurance invests heavily in Big Tobacco, because smokers are simply charged higher premiums.  And many smokers will definitely need health care, so they end up paying the higher premiums.  Without a readily available, very harmful product (Big Tobacco), then there wouldn’t be all these horribly-suffering people, which are forced into a) getting health insurance, and b) paying high premiums for treatment of their diseases.  Big Tobacco and Big Insurance work together like this, and they definitely don’t want a truly safer cigarette (Organic tobacco).  They want their smokers to get sick, need the high costs of health care, and then die quickly, so not too much money would be spent by Big Insurance, to keep those poor smokers alive.  Sick Organic tobacco smokers would live longer, once they’ve fallen ill, so Big Insurance favors non-Organic tobacco heavily.  And if there’s anything that they can dig up, that you didn’t disclose when you applied for health insurance (often times insignificant details), Big Insurance can simply jack up the premiums for their customers, or disown them, all the while knowing that their customers can’t afford those higher costs, so they’re forced to go without insurance.  Big Insurance gets their money, and then leaves their clients to die, with no help.

See the following table from the article:

insurance holdings in big tobacco
So while we’re at it, let’s get rid of Big Insurance.  We are the only civilized nation on this planet, which doesn’t have health care for all.  I highly recommend the Michael Moore’s documentary, “Sicko.”  Also, check out the notion of a Single Payer System on Wikipedia.

Read the following script excerpt from The Insider, with Russell Crowe and Al Pacino:

“The unlimited checkbook.  That’s how Big Tobacco wins every time.  On everything.  They spend you to death.  $600 million a year in outside legal.  Chadbourne-Parke. Ken Starr’s firm, Kirkland and Ellis. Listen. GM and Ford, they get nailed after 11 or 12 pick-ups blow up. Right?  These clowns [Big Tobacco] have never…I mean ever… Not even once…not even with hundreds of thousands dying each year from an illness related to their product…have ever lost a personal-injury lawsuit.”

As long as Big Tobacco’s pockets are kept deep, by Big Insurance, etc. etc., they will never have to pay for any verdict against them.  If they did start losing legal cases, then a precedent would be established, in the courts, against them.  But this conglomeration of criminal enterprise protects itself, so none of them have to pay out any money in legal battles, insurance claims, etc.  If you’re going to die, and need medical care, they want you to die soon.  So that’s why they want maximum death from cigarettes.  That’s one reason why Organic tobacco is marginalized.

See this CNBC article entitled “Big tobacco stands to benefit from an FDA crackdown on e-cigs, analyst says.”  This is another way Big Tobacco would get hurt, and therefore is protected by the FDA etc. They’d have to admit e-cigs are less dangerous than their main offerings. They just want to see it go away, exactly like Organic tobacco.  That’s my opinion, on this subtopic.

Another CNBC article, which connects the Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.gov), to investments in Big Tobacco stocks, and Big Insurance stocks.  Now, why would she do that?  Could it be that those, in control of public policy, are complicit with Big Tobacco and Big Insurance?  Do their actions, and inactions, reveal that?  I think so.  Actually, the evidence is conclusive on that.  Do you think they want, in their corruption, to see Organic tobacco – something that would save so many lives?  I doubt it, because that would mean their investments in Big Tobacco, and Big Insurance would not pay.  They profit from death.  Organic tobacco would be a step in the right direction, but then Big Tobacco would have to admit, and knock their entire product line.  And people living longer, because they choose Organic tobacco, would screw up the Big Insurance investments because it would cost more to keep them alive (smoking less-dangerous, Organic tobacco), once they start to have health problems from smoking.  Smoking-related medical insurance payouts are much more expensive then money coming in from customers, to have medical coverage, I assume.  So Big Insurance wants their customers to die quickly, once they get sick, hence the investments in Big Tobacco, and the marginalizing of Organic tobacco.  And then the government officials, the politicians, they all get paid off publicly from Big Tobacco and Big Insurance lobbyists and privately who knows how.  That’s my opinion, on this subtopic.


See here for how much public lobbying ($) is going on by Big Insurance:

And Big Tobacco:

wikipedia logo
From Wikipedia on: The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009

“The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, is a federal statute in the United States that was signed into law by President Barack Obama on June 22, 2009. The Act gives the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate the tobacco industry.”

Or so it says on the surface! Read on:

“Critics argue that without the authority to eliminate nicotine completely, the reduction of nicotine levels in cigarettes may result in compensation by existing smokers, increasing their cigarette smoke inhalation to consume a level of nicotine which will satisfy their cravings [In other words, it just makes smokers buy more cigarettes, to a) satisfy their cravings, and b) further the fortunes of Big Tobacco, and their criminal partners]. The Tobacco Control Act has been called “the Marlboro Protection Act” because it grandfathered in tobacco products marketed before 2007, while erecting nearly impassable financial and regulatory barriers for the introduction of competing products to the US market.”

Obama, the FDA, and Big Tobacco etc., just want to sell more packs of smokes, and ensure people who smoke, to die fast (connected to Big Insurance etc.), because of all the horrible things cigarettes have in them, which Are Not in Organic tobacco.

Imagine state government (or municipal) controlled Organic tobacco production. Get rid of Big Tobacco.  There’s a parallel between horribly-corrupt, evil Big Tobacco and gang-like activity.  What if we got rid of the gangs (Big Tobacco), and let local governments oversee, and more-ethically produce and sell Organic tobacco?  Every 10 seconds, a person dies from tobacco – that’s 6 people per minute.  Tobacco, and only Organic tobacco, should be available, given the 20% less-likelihood of lung cancer, which it presents.

I am conflicted as to whether all forms of tobacco should be completely illegal, Organic or not.

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